Susan has been around horses since the age of 12. She attended the local riding school and the passion grew, much to the amusement of her non-horsey parents! Susan was lucky enough to be able to ride her older sister’s horse and eventually brought a horse of her own. As a teenager, Susan competed in pony club, dressage and showing. During that time Susan’s horses received bodywork and it fascinated Susan, particularly the reaction in the horse and the way they would communicate with the bodyworker. Life lead Susan down a different path and she ended up in a different career and for a period, was unable to own horses.

Eventually horses came back into Susan’s life. Susan wanted a nice quiet horse to plod around on. Now she was older and didn’t bounce as well as she once did, the idea of falling to often was terrifying. Susan brought a beautiful horse who seemed very quiet, however it turned out this horse had a lot of anxiety and struggled with the change of ownership and environment. This horse led Susan on a path of discovery, new skills and back to her love of bodywork. Susan decided to leave the office job (to be accurate, she ran from it as fast as she could) and concentrate on becoming an equine bodywork professional.

Susan has the following qualifications:

  • Certificate in Equine Sports Massage
  • Certificate in Equine Myo-manipulative Functional Therapy (EMFT)
  • Equine Craniosacral Therapy
  • Equine Kinesiology Taping

Susan also undertakes regular additional study, such as barefoot trimming workshops, dissections and attends webinars and conferences.

Susan is here to help you and your horse and share her knowledge.