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Equine Health Products

Free Flow Equine Therapies is proud to stock Inside Out Equine Health products. We chose these products as they are simple, taste great, cost effective and have some of the best ingredients on the market to ensure your equine friend is healthy inside and out.

If there is another product from the Inside Out Equine Health range which we don’t have in stock, please get in touch to discuss your needs.

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Performance Plus Pellets

These pellets contain all essential vitamins and minerals required to balance a diet, and are in a handy and palatable pellet! These pellets contain balanced levels of copper and zinc, and also contain a FULL daily does of biotin and a large dose of vitamin E. They do not contain any added iron.

Available for collection or delivery.

5kg bag – $80

20kg bag – $240

Flaxseed Oil

Cold pressed flaxseed oil, stored, sealed and processed to provide premium quality omega 3 in the right balance and ration to your horse. Available in 5 litre containers.

Available for collection or delivery.

$90 for a 5L epon-lined tin (helps maintain freshness and stability of oil).


Probiotics and prebiotics to help stimulate the growth of microorganisms in the intestinal flora to help keep the gut healthy. Gastralign contains three key ingredients to keep the gastrointestinal system healthy:

  • Yea Sacc – a probiotic live yeast culture
  • Bio-Mos – a prebiotic derived from yeast cell walls
  • Allzyme SFF – a complex of naturally occurring enzymes

Available for collection or delivery.


Mycosorb A+

A specific strain of yeast which reduces mycotoxin adsorption, reducing the effects of mycotoxins on the horse’s health.

Certain plants in the pasture or your horse’s diet can cause photosynthesisation. Symptoms include sunburn and/or blistering on pink skin on the face and pastern (can also be known as greasy heel or mud fever). Toxin binders reduce the absorption of these mycotoxins in the horse’s system.

Available for collection or delivery.

$28 for 1kg bag

Muscle Amino

Amino acids are the building blocks to build, fuel and repair muscle.  Supplementing of lysine, methionine and threonine is recommended if you think your horses muscle function isn’t as good as it could or should be. This includes any issues with building muscle, performance issues, topline or muscle pain/cramps. Muscle Amino works best if given in a small feed immediately before and/or immediately after exercise.  Muscle Amino is $90.

For more information on any of these products, or other products we can get in stock for you, please contact