Bit Fitting

I’m so excited to add bit fitting services to my business!

The science behind bits has been evolving and now there is so much selection of bits, it can be overwhelming and hard to know what is the right bit, additionally, they are costly!

A bit fitting session enables you to try a few different bits based on your horse’s anatomy and preferences.

Why use a bit fitter?

There are a range of reasons why you might want to use a bit fitter, including:

  • Your horse doesn’t seem happy in it’s current bit. It is showing behaviour such as head tossing, chewing and chomping, hard to steer, hard to stop, hard to direct, moving away from the contact, pulling on the bit etc.
  • You have a new horse and want to try bits for it to set up for success.
  • You have a young horse and want to start it in the right bit.

What happens during a session?

  • We will start on the ground so please ensure your bring a halter, your current bit(s) and have a suitable space for riding.
  • Ideally your horse is not saddled and bridled when I arrive so I can see it being saddled/bridled.
  • We will discuss the horse’s history, what problems you might be having, what your goals are with the horse.
  • I will look over the horse’s body as well as it’s mouth. I will discuss what I see with you.
  • I will look over your gear and current bit/bridle.
  • I will watch you ride the horse in it’s current bit.
  • Based on all this information we will try a few bits to see the horse’s response. You will get to ride in the bits as well.
  • We will then discuss how we move forward based on the findings.

Please note: I’m happy to do young/not ridden horses.

What is the cost?

While I’m starting out I’m offering the services at a reduced fee of $100 per session.

How do I book in?

Firstly, please read my my Policies.

Secondly, please fill in this form: Bit Fitting Form

Once I receive the form, I’ll get in touch to organise a time.