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Equine Session Preparation

Please note my cancellation/no-show and payment policies as per the Policies page.

In order to get the most out of your session, please ensure the following:

  • The session should be done at your horse’s home or where they are comfortable. Travelling straight after a session can undo all the work as horses use a lot of muscle to balance in the float/truck.
  • Please have your horse caught, un-rugged, brushed and fed before the session.
  • The horse should be clean and dry. I don’t mean it has to be sparkling, but please get any mud and lose dirt off. If the animal is wet, it is difficult to do bodywork, and to be honest, not pleasant for me. If it’s been raining, please bring towels to dry the animal off, or contact me to re-schedule.
  • If it’s wet, and you have no shelter, please contact me to re-schedule.
  • Please be present for the session. I may ask you at times to hold your animal or help, at other times I may ask you to step away, but your presence will help your animal stay calm and happier.
  • If the session is around food time, or you horse expects food when you turn up, please feed it at least 30 minutes prior to the session. It is better the horse has a hard feed before the session, if eating after, please do not feed the horse for 30 to 60 minutes after the session as their gut will have slowed down. Grass is fine at any point.
  • Please do not make up feeds, move things around, bang around or generally cause distraction to your horse. It will not benefit your horse’s session and will be wasting your money.

After the session I’ll discuss with you how soon to exercise your horse, and how much. I’ll also discuss with you what I believe is the best for your horse going forward. Please remember, one session is not usually enough to fix an issue. I will likely recommend another session, and I’ll also recommend regular sessions going forward as prevention is much better than trying to fix an issue later.


Payment is expected on or before the day of the session. Payment can be done via cash, bank transfer or card payment (subject to data availability and a small fee).